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Mon, 2010-12-06 17:13

Coudal just announced the winners of last Friday's layer tennis match, and it seems as if Noper and myself are headed for a match this coming Friday. Noper beat Draplin this week with an amazing display of illustration skills. Aaron's an old friend around here, so it'll be an interesting match to try and avenge his loss for sure. Personally, I'm pretty happy I won't have to see that man in a layer tennis match this year. I think Aaron might have my number if we ever have to face off in another match.

Coudal also posted a post game interview with Frank and myself. I gotta say, Mr. Chimero is an incredibly nice guy and a fantastic opponent. The home audience might not have known by the results, but Frank was feeling a bit under the weather on Friday. Regardless, he powered up his mac, warmed up his scanner, stuck it out, and played a hell of a match

It looks like next week's line up is going to consist of Mr. Noper and myself in one cage, and Mig Reyes and Mark Weaver in another. I'm going to enjoy watching those two go a few rounds. It's anybody's game at this point.