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Tue, 2010-12-14 12:21

This last Friday, Noper and I squared off in a semi-final round of Layer Tennis. It was a hard-fought battle, and I was told the voting was close, but ultimately I was bested by the illustration styles of Bucharest. Worse things have happened. Congrats to Mr. Noper, and may he have the best of luck encountering Mig Reyes this Friday in the finals. It'll be one to watch for sure.

It was an interesting match, as Noper and I had hardly talked prior to to Friday, it was all truly spontaneous. He had also asked that we tried to keep the match visual, as we agreed that his lack of english would put him at a disadvantage. This resulted in what I thought was a really nice visual narrative with both of us constantly building off of each other in distinctly different ways. Overall I had a blast, and I can only hope I get to enter the Layer Tennis arena again one day. Big thanks to Coudal, Frank, and Noper for making this an awesome season.